Plant Edamame at home! (Set)


Description:  Edamame Home Package

  1. Seedling (10-14 days):  Seedling Soil55-Pot
  2. Transplanting :7L Vegemix 
  3. Apply 532 Organic Leafy Fertilizer 7days after transplant. Apply 1 handful (30gm – 50gm) once a week.
  4. Apply 426 Organic Melon Fertilizer 30 days after transplant when flowers bloom. Apply 1 handful (30gm – 50gm) once a week.
  5. Ready to harvest in 2 months, continue harvesting for at least 2 cycle.


TIP : Spray Dr. Neem RTU at every 10 to 14 days interval for prevention of pest. (Recommended)




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