5 Major Tips for Taking care indoor plants

Nowadays people tend to purchase indoor plants from shopping mall. However, how should we take care those indoor plants?

Tip 1 : Plants need about one week to adapted to the new environment
Transplant your plants to a new pot after a week, it adapting to the new environment.

Tip 2 : Place your indoor plants at half sunlight environment
After purchase your indoor plants from shopping mall, do not place it directly under the sunlight. Should place your indoor plants at half sunlight environment to adapt to the new environment.

Tip 3 : During Transplant, Select Soil with Compost.
During transplant, select soil with compost (Eg. Compost based fertiliser). To ensure that the soil with enough nutrient for plants growth.

Tip 4 : During Transplant, Avoid Hurt the Roots of the Plants
During Transplant, avoid hurt the roots of the plants. Select Neem cake product which can enhance the growth of the roots.

Tip 5 : Purchase non-toxic organic indoor plants
Kindly purchase organic indoor plants with ” Earth Tag” certification.